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15 Apr

In a frank conversation, Stacy and Jasmine Waltz started chatting to the rapper about his split with Kim.The two were allegedly set up after meeting at a party held by Will Smith–a BFF of Cruise.Like most of the women who’ve been wooed by Cruise, even though she was feeling him, she wasn’t feeling his over-the-top adoration of Scientology, and the expectation that she would be expected in the future to convert to the faith if they made it long-term."Back then, you don't get invited to anything with any kind of substance.I'm done.' Whatever my sister's invited to, they're going to put in a note saying, 'Don't bring Ray J!

She has banhammered many a n00b for no reason at all other than to make herself feel a little more powerful and a little less insignificant, created epic flamewars out of well-meaning, rational discussions on serious issues, randomly accused people she has barely seen of manipulating and lying and engaging in convoluted conspiracies, and then immediately accuses OTHERS of being the attention-whoring piece of shit that she so clearly is!

To top off her adorable shinanegans, she suffers from a terminal case of unwarranted self-importance, boasting about her envied position of shitty website chat moderator as if she had invented the fucking automobile and holding all of us lesser beings in utter contempt for detracting from her greatness.

They appeared together in her video for “It Kills Me” and it seems a spark went off that kept them together.

This is where that whole Ray - Stacy Francis - Whitney drama comes in.

And even though Common is most known for his time with Serena Williams, his mother still made it known that she loved her some Taraji and would have loved to see them work out…Source: people.

Sofia Vergara and Tom Cruise Before he married Katie Holmes, and before she was a big star thanks to her role on “Modern Family,” Tom was dating Vergara in 2005.