Html code updating date

18 Jul

The Copyright can be a single year which is the year the site was created.

An updated copyright not only shows that the site is maintained but also gets it rated high on SEO search lists.

An annual task for all website owners is to update the copyright year across websites.

(Your web host might specify a different process for parsing php in html pages.

Follow those directions instead of the ones here.) After inserting the code, in Notepad click File Save As...

You can skip straight to the Copyright That Spans Several Years section below.

To set up an .htaccess file, open a new file in a text editor like Notepad or Simple Text.

You can automatically refresh the copyright year by inserting a simple Java Script or php script (see below) into your website's html code.

Entering either script won't change the year in the Design view of your html editor.

The Copyright information on a website provides useful information about copyright ownership on the website content.

It establishes the creator of that content and also the year the content was originally created.

Preparing your websites for the New Year or revising the content?