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10 Jan

want to chat with a middle-aged man who lives alone and may or may not be a registered sex offender, you say?Some of the ways that v Chatter polices what goes in video chats, according to Parashar, are: Will it evolve?Of course, after the novelty wears off - and it always does - the big question is: Will video chatting really take off? There have been attempts to make video chatting commonplace in the past. Seesmic started out as a Twitter-like service, but in video.Users can go from one conversation to another, seeing other users on their Android terminal.If you like someone, you can continue talking with them.

Seesmic eventually moved away from video and is now an application to post text on Twitter. Based on its Web site, it still appears to be a destination for video introductions, but many of the profiles are very rich in text, and lack video.Additionally, at one point, Woome branched out with Woome TV, and its first celebrity was MTV's Tila Tequila whose show was called, "A shot at love with Tila Tequila." The show featured Tila randomly meeting guys on video.Furthermore, users can only chat in established social networks where members post their profiles, so you know the name and location of every person you chat with… Some users have reported that there really is no difference between v Chatter and Chatroulette, and that v Chatter poses the same gross-out risks as Chatroulette.The only difference is that unlike Chatroulette, v Chatter users are also putting all of their information out there on the table from the get-go, which actually poses a bigger risk than would a completely anonymous premise.