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06 Jul

Truth is, we were in a situationship, not a relationship.

Let her go so that she will have the chance of meeting the man who is not afraid to make her his Number 1 and official and only Queen of his heart.

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He was just using you to pass time…and sperm, until he found the woman he really wants. If a situationship were a gadget, this would be its specs: I started this post by telling you my own story because i wanted to highlight that fact when it comes to relationships, both actions and words are very very very important.

I would even say that words speak loudest in relationships than actions.

I learnt the hard way but i hope telling you my story will open your eyes to the truth of your own realities.I define a situationship as a situation, LOL:), that looks like a relationship, feels like a relationship but it’s not a relationship.You are in a relationship when the both of you have opened your mouths to vocalize and confirm that you belong to each other. No matter how good your partner is to you and you and the whole world know it, during the marriage ceremony, you still have to open your buccal cavity and say, ‘I DO! Saying this is my man and this is my woman is the crown that says my heart is taken by this or that person.I’m not talking about a PR campaign to tell the whole world who you are dating but surely, your friends and family should know who you are in a relationship with. Of course if you realise all this but you still want to continue the situationship, the choice is yours.So no matter what that guy does for you or how much money he spends on you, if he isn’t telling you the words that you are my girlfriend, then sorry, you are not his girlfriend. Lots of women these days are choosing to be friends with benefits with their male ‘friends’ though that arrangement always ends up in fiasco. Just don’t act surprised when you see him with his real girlfriend one day.