Self liquidating credit fekete

06 Apr

“I think that if the Soviet Union had issued gold bonds in 1989, it would have changed the course of history. Fekete, it is a pleasure to have this opportunity to talk to you.You are a fierce critic of the current monetary system and a strong proponent of the gold standard, particularly the variety that combines with the Real Bills Doctrine (RBD) of Adam Smith which we shall get into later.I take pride in pioneering a new departure to develop a theory of interest based on the idea of marketability of goods (also known as hoardability) that puts this nexus right into the center.My own view is that gold and silver are the only monetary metals for reasons having to do with the fact that they are the most hoardable substances in existence. In the 1980’s you joined the staff of California Congressman William E. C., to work on a plan proposing monetary and fiscal reform to the Administration of President George Bush Sr.

It is not known whether President George Bush ever realized that he was double-crossed by his Treasury Secretary.I decided to pack my bags and return to my university to resume my teaching career. I could not knock down a brick wall with bare hands.It is quite possible that it has been decided at the highest level that the economic collapse of the Soviet Union was not in the interest of the U.