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09 May

Achondrite: A class of stony meteorites that crystallized from magmas. AGB stars: Cool, luminous, and pulsating red giant stars.

I’ve done it this way in the version 3 online exposure age calculator, which will generate two-nuclide diagrams for all combinations of Ne-21, Be-10, Al-26, and C-14 in quartz, and also in the ICE-D database which makes use of the v3 calculator as a back end.

Summary: Draw two-nuclide diagrams so that burial always goes the same way.

This is represented by a trajectory that goes down and to the left, as shown above in the Granger example.

So samples that are “below the banana” have experienced both a period of exposure and a period of burial.

From oldest to youngest, these are Noachian, Hesperian, and Amazonian (named after places on Mars).These Epochs are defined by the number of impact craters on the ground surface; older surfaces have more craters.