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18 Apr

When they argued, Tania’s mother would yell at her daughter, “I wish I’d never had you! Tania began to feel sick and noticed a slight protrusion in her abdomen. “People said I was a hypochondriac.” Relatives and doctors dismissed her concerns.

“If I snuck out with bare arms, Bengali men would say, ‘Don’t you have any shame? Tania never felt close to her father; she described him as verbally abusive. In primary school, she had a mix of middle-class and working-class friends but faced slurs from bullies, who called her “darkie” and “Paki.” She refused to back down, talking right back to them.

When Tania was around seven years old, her father was laid off and started working odd jobs, but he couldn’t hold on to any of them, sending the family into debt. And she had to have surgery on a bone that was growing oddly, jutting out of her leg.

“Families have babies after babies, hoping for a boy.” She recalled how people would meet her father and sympathize, saying, “Four daughters, I’m so sorry.” He would shake his head and sigh, “I know, I know.” Her family never had much money but managed to make a go of it.

Her father worked for an airline, while her mother ran a small catering business.

He was a jihadist—soon to become one of the most senior Westerners in ISIS—who dreamed of helping form a caliphate, an Islamic kingdom to rule the world.She was growing increasingly disenchanted with his quest.She looked up her symptoms in a book, diagnosing herself with a tumor.In the meantime, her health concerns inspired her to turn to religion.She had grown up reading the Quran, per her parents’ wishes, but had not taken religion very seriously. “I thought I better start praying because God must hate me.” When her family moved from the town of Harrow to a more affordable place in Barking, a suburb east of London, Tania transferred to a high school there and made a new set of friends.

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