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18 Apr

“As soon as you have a large group of people involved in alcohol and drug use in a very small and confined space, panic can spread very quickly, and that can be catastrophic,” said DIG investigator Tom Dolo.

The investigators also recorded people apparently smoking indoors, fueling fears about what could happen in such a crowded party if a fire were to break out. Police arrived to check on the party at 3 a.m., but the investigators said guests had just piled onto a bus and left for an after-hours event at an auto shop on Clark Drive.

Last month, a nightclub blaze in Bucharest killed 60 people – a story that mirrors others in the U. The VAL party, called Backdoor Vancouver, was billed as a way to profile local artists.

“As it turned out, a lot of that was true.” What the investigators found, according to their report, was people using cocaine and having sex while bartenders over-served alcohol.

One sleuth said he was able to purchase a four-shot drink for , following a brief moment of apprehension from his bartender.

Like the girls in Stockholm who rented out their place to prostitutes, only to return home and realize that the police had raided it because it had turned into a temporary brothel.

Or a New Yorker who realized only too late that his place had become the location for a huge sex party.

And then there are always awful stories of people completely trashing a place before disappearing without a trace.

As far as creepy cameras set up within a rental though? Of course that doesn’t mean others aren’t potentially doing it.

Starnes and his wife were lucky to notice the camera (and the one in the living room), but plenty of other people have rented the condo over the two-year period it’s been listed on Airbnb without incident.