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Similarly, it became the seat of Manila-based commercial and industrial establishments.When the Spaniards arrived along the criss-crossing riverbanks of Baba (Lubao) on September 14, 1571, Christianity was immediately introduced by Captain Martin de Goiti and Fr. As a sign of amity, the Spanish missionaries provided the pangpangans three religious items that included the Cross, Rosary and Image of the Blessed Virgin Mary.It is traditionally believed that the Crucifix of the holy image of Apo Sto Cristo Lubao, now enshrined at the Holy Cross Parish Church, was the same Cross given by the Agustinian missionaries to the pangpangans received by Datu Macabulos and Council of Elders.The Image’s carbon dating results evidently proved the authenticity of the Cross which is now officially declared Important Cultural Property of the Philippines bestowed by the National Museum – one of the country’s national treasures – in 2015.The Kapampangans of the Kingdom were immensely affluent and had already advanced civilization.

It stretched from Cagayan until the surrounding places of Manila.

In the Last Will and Testament of Malang Balagtas (descendant of Prince Balagtas), it was pointed that the Kapampangan Dominion is vast and extensive.

The early natives were led by a powerful chieftain named Datu Macabulos (meaning, freedom/freeman).

The chieftain and his family were the earliest baptized Christians, who later, left the place and fled towards the edge of Porac in Talak (now Tarlac).