Cowboys com is now a gay dating site

11 Apr

He has his own plane."Sam is not gay, never has been gay, never will be gay. Some of you clearly have the Spaz Troll blocked from ages ago if his posts are missing. All that carefully orchestrated SM innuendo with the beard from last Thanksgiving got blown to shreds after Hannah James told an interviewer that she was filming scenes with Heughan on Thanksgiving.[quote]We’re both just trying to figure out how to make the other one comfortable, and I wanted to sit there and have a good laugh about it [with Sam], which we absolutely did!

IF YOU CHOOSE TO RIDE THE PRANCING PONY, YOU WILL BE DISMOUNTED. Guys, you need to accept you're gonna be banned, this is the 24th thread and you're using up the data saying the same stuff all the time 'Gay Sam for you', 'He pings to high heaven', 'they said he was gay in London so he must be gay'. A bunch of stalkers with way too much time on their hands !!!!!! Sam doesn't have to come out during filming of season 4, he's spending all his days on remote locations throughout Scotland where noone gives a fuck who's fucking him. The big "oh my god you can't come out you'll ruin your career" thing doesn't really happen here - well not to the same extent. Genuinely interested in opinions, because I don't know Good question, R26. I think a certain power structure has evolved in Hollywood that thrives on secrecy, shaming and exploitation.

Sam is not gay, or closeted, therefore you are riding the pony and will be banned. Now you're arguing with the Spaz Troll, it can only end badly. A compleely off topic question: I can't see all the answers, but I haven't blocked any posters. It's a myth perpetuated by the US entertainment industry that audiences won't accept a gay actor playing straight.

I commented that I thought he was lovely and he'd have to intro me when I was next in Scotland (I was saying this jokingly, I'm married.) and he replied "Sorry to burst your bubble, gorgeous as you are, I don't think you've got what he's looking for if you know what I mean..."[quote]"And he was like "He's gay. I'm sure he's photographed with women, I've seen him around home with women. Back then everything was more accessible but once the show premiered. It’s like a protective shield around Sam to help him keep it a secret. More recently, I found out that the brother of my fiance best friend hooked up with Sam in drama school. Not exactly a secret and here's the amazing thing, nobody there gives a shit. Its only the fans in the US that seem to lose their shit about an actor's personal life.

It was in the context of a casual discussion when both the brother and my guy were both in a Barbour store together. For me, Sam's a cute pup but give me some Graham Mc Tavish any day! It's easy and it works but I'm not putting it on here, don't want to get banned.

It's hilarious how the morons who think Sam is gay and bearding also think Taylor Swift is gay and bearding and Harry Styles is gay and bearding.They're trying to convince people Armie Hammer is unhappy with his wife and baby because he is secretly closeted. NOTHING TO SEE, YOU HIDEOUS WIZENED FRAUS.[quote]Spaz won't get banned for that.She hasn't liked any of Sam's since September.[quote]"She has been in Seattle for the last couple weeks just" returning back to LA last weekend, and this guy is also a pilot with his own planes, just saying"[quote]"I did hear a rumour last week that she was hooking up with a Seahawk, but I'd like solid evidence."[quote]"Just finished reading the forum discussion about Jimmy Graham and MM. He is a huge Seahawks fan, his sister is a MM fan from Into The Woods.