Being friends first then dating

22 Jul

The publication ran another dark and eerie story by Capote, "A Tree of Light" in its October 1945.An unusual boy, Capote had a gift for telling stories and entertaining people.His mother wanted to make him more masculine, and thought that sending him to a military academy would be the answer.Despite their differences, Lee found Capote to be a delight, calling him "a pocket Merlin" for his creative and inventive ways.Little did these playful pals know that they would both become famous writers one day.

His stepfather seemed to be a more stable personality in the home, but Truman was not interested in his help or support at the time.Still, he was officially adopted by his stepfather, and his name was changed to Truman Garcia Capote in 1935.Returning to Manhattan, Capote started to attract attention for his work at school.Some of his teachers noted his promise as a writer.

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