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16 May

I love the support we’ve been getting over the last few weeks. Please make sure your write in nominee has not already been featured.

It’s awesome to see because I love this man more than chocolate cream pies. O’Loughlin a little more of the attention he so clearly deserves.

was really the show that got me watching television again. Alex is fabulous on the show and his chemistry with his cast mates is a huge part of the reason the show works so well.

I started watching from the pilot and was well addicted to the show by the time I heard Alex would be making a seven episode appearance. I guess I’d have to say it’s really a combination of a lot of things. While Alex is absolutely gorgeous and has a body that makes me weak in the knees, he’s a lot more than just his looks.

When his character, Kevin Hiatt made his first appearance, I knew I wasn’t going to be disappointed. He’s a terrific actor that can make you believe whatever character he’s portraying.

I love a man that isn’t afraid to get dirty or pose for a picture with his hair a little messy. Aside from all of that, Alex is Australian and I have a serious soft spot for Aussies. In summary, Alex is pretty damn close to my ideal man and it has been an absolute pleasure to do this profile on him.Thanks for writing in his nomination and voting him to victory!Sócrates was not close to Peres, who was older than he was and as a happily married homebody, not part of Sócrates’ drinking circle.The two also differed over Corinthians Democracy, with Peres and his team mates at São Paulo often dismissive of what they considered a distraction to the sole issue of playing football.I had a hunch he might get a few votes after my “100 Hottest Men on Television: 2011” list and I wasn’t even terribly surprised he won.

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