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09 Jun

Labour’s campaign featured endorsements from a number of celebrities and grime stars including Stormzy, JME and Akala, which helped promote the party’s message to voters who were not traditionally engaged in conventional politics.

How long she could continue in office after a poor result, however, is a valid question.

There are reports of knives being sharpened already in the Conservative hierarchy.

According to analysis by Buzzfeed News, stories about Mr Corbyn’s celebrity endorsements were the most shared election-related articles on Facebook.

In total, such articles were shared around 971,700 times, significantly more than stories relating to Labour’s rise in the opinion polls, which received around 557,600 shares.

Anything less than a substantially increased Conservative majority will amount to a defeat for Theresa May.

If she fails to achieve it, it is hard to see how her position will be tenable – either as leader of her party, or as head of a government set to steer the bargaining with Brussels Now it may be that we all wake up on 9 June to learn that Theresa May’s gamble has paid off.

The Conservatives spent more than £1m on negative Facebook campaign adverts attacking Jeremy Corbyn, reports suggest.