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22 Jun

Change all external references (xrefs) from absolute paths to relative paths for archive purpose. Bulk updating Auto CAD or Brics CAD drawings in most any way that you would like.

In the process text, mtext and block attribute values can be changed individually on each new drawing.

It is possible to change only a part of the text string.

just launched (October 2017), is more powerful than ever, thanks to its 64-bit architecture, its native DWG compatibility, its BIM/IFC compatibility (4MCAD PRO), its Autocad-like interface and many other advanced features, tools and commands.

Here are the new features of 4MCAD19 at a glance: higher speeds in pan/zoom even for very large drawing files, faster PDF creation by also reducing the resulting file size, increased performances when working with many external references, improved redraw performances, selection performances and entity snap performances.

Stand Alone or embedded in 4M Vertical Applications 4MCAD engine is embedded within the 4M BIM Verticals constituting the integrated 4M BIM Suite, including: IDEA Architecture, STRAD Structural and FINE MEP.

The latter covers the full range of Building Services Design Software: Fine HVAC, Fine ELEC, Fine SANI, Fine FIRE, Fine GAS and Fine LIFT.

• New TEXTTOFRONT command moves text, dimensions, and leaders to the front of other entities.• The Properties pane now supports more entities and additional properties, such as light entities and light properties, material properties, etc.

• Entity snapping for underlays are now accessible using the Options command.

• New command line version commands: -MENU and -MENULOAD.

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