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25 Dec

In the preceding code, I created a data Grid View1_Row Header Mouse Click Event for updating and deleting the selected record.

I have to admit I think this is a dumb question but I have been out of the Visual Studio Game since 2000 so please help! I have a SQL 2005 db which I need presented in a data Grid View, now I got it to work to display the data but I cant get it to update back to the SQL db.

For example I have a Colom called Decription1 which might contain a value (12345) now if someone goes onto the data Grid View and presses F2 or double click he can edit. So I did a little google reseach and found that you have to run the following command d Adapter.

Event Args e) Hi the above deals with using the buildin datasource's etc.

As you can see from my code I am using a sql adapater.

Just to clear up, if I add rows 2, 3 and 4, I want these values to be autogenerated and just make that column not visible.As it stands, I have to manually type the integer in there. Update #1: Okay, so taking some recommendations, I have tried using Data Set in the following format: Things to note: You'll need to get the values you're updating from your table and replace it for Updated Value and id Of Row To Update. Revision #2: Ok, I did some more research into Sql Data Adapter and how it functions in regards to a datatable, it looks like this is much easier than I thought.

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