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There are also the wrecks of some smaller support vessels, such as the tugboat the USS Riptide.Two centuries after the Great War, a new generation of descendants from the United States Armed Forces were ultimately reorganized into a post-nuclear variant of an ancient United States government bureau called the Department of the Army, otherwise known as the Enclave's military sub-division.Enclave troopers are trained, conditioned and disciplined accordingly with advanced training regimens and techniques that diverge directly from that of the old Armed Forces' more specialized, black op units.The Brotherhood of Steel on the other hand, was originally created by U. Army soldiers who rebelled against their standing orders and went AWOL while they were stationed inside of the Mariposa Military Base.Descendants of these renegade soldiers that originally gave birth to the Brotherhood, likely still serve in some form or another in one or more of the various cells of the Brotherhood today.

The National Guard was a reserve component of the United States Army and served as a domestic defense and disaster relief force during peacetime.However, during wartime, they were deployed abroad as front-line troops alongside other Army units.The Military Police Division was a branch that provided security at military installations around the country.They had a presence at Robotics Technology Facility RB-2851 in Boston and were known to have responded to incidents at the South Boston military checkpoint.Later on, in the Sino-American War, Army units were deployed in China proper and its annexed territories with the USMC following the invasion of the supra in 2074.

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