Windows xp is not updating

17 Jan

With the free availability of the Windows 8 consumer preview, this is an opportunity to try it out and see if it might be something you will be willing to upgrade to.Of course, if you want to test it out, the best way to do it is by installing it on a partition.This will allow both Windows XP and Windows 8 CP to co-exist on the same computer.To learn how to change your BIOS options to boot from the DVD drive, see the following tutorial: Once your computer is set to boot from the DVD, you should see this option.The Windows 8 logo will appear on screen, this might be here for a while, as long as your see the indicater, everything should be ok.

Windows 8 will boot for the first time, a series of action will take place such as: After the restart is complete, you will see the following screen: Click Windows 8 to enter the Out of box experience.

The OOBE will allow you to configure Windows 8 with a user name, setup a Microsoft Account and personalize your Windows Experience. When you want to boot into Windows XP, click ‘Earlier version of Windows’ on the boot manager.

If you attempt to launch a Metro style app with less than this resolution (e.g.