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09 Jan

The conversation began to shift from rowdy to ribald. ”The floor manager had been looking at her with a certain calculating look in his eye, and now he spoke up. ” Katerina looked at him owlishly and blinked uncertainly. The floor manager took Zeke’s collar and led him over to Katerina.

The jokes got raunchier, the laughter louder, and some of the men began relating stories (grossly exaggerated, in most cases) of their sexual exploits. He pushed her legs apart and brought Zeke’s nose in close to her pussy.

This led to a contest of who could come up with the most outrageous sexual fantasy. At first Zeke seemed unsure what was expected of him, but as his keen nose brought him the scent of her pussy, he almost automatically began to lick it.

It was that side of her that prompted her to enroll in a course in auto mechanics after spending a few dissatisfying years in an accounting office after she graduated.

Although it was a bit difficult at first finding employment in her newly-chosen field, she was finally able to find an open-minded employer who was willing to hire her based on her skills rather than her sex.

The pictures shocked her at first, and she quickly went to another web page, but for the next few days the pictures kept coming back to her mind – and they seemed to be less shocking to her the more she thought about them.In fact, she began to find them curiously arousing.Most of the men had fairly typical fantasies – blonde twins or triplets, etc.; and then, suddenly, everyone was looking at her and Katerina realized, somewhat blearily, that they were waiting for her to contribute her fantasy. Katerina’s arms dangled limply off the side of the bench, her hands resting on the floor.Her head was spinning now, and she was feeling like she was some vast distance from everyone else. Her eyes were half closed, and she was vaguely wondering why the ceiling lights were in front of her when they were supposed to be above her, when suddenly she became conscious of a most delicious sensation.It seemed that everyone had brought at least a case of beer, and the party began to become more boisterous as the evening went on. Still, no one spoke, until one of the men said uncertainly, “No way – that’s not really a fantasy of yours, is it? Katerina made no resistance to their undressing her; actually, not totally aware of the significance of what was happening, she even tried to assist them to the best of her ability – which, in her present state, was not much.Katerina was finding that she was laughing harder and talking louder than was usual for her, for two reasons; one, her tomboy streak was surfacing and she felt impelled to hold her own with the men, and second, she had a problem holding her liquor. ”Katerina was offended now and tried to look it, but was not actually sure what kind of facial response she was producing. If that’s really a fantasy of yours, why don’t you do it right now? “Oh, come on man, are we really going to make her go through with this? She giggled as the two men laid her down on a bench, and the floor manager peeled down her panties, pulling them off of one foot but leaving them draped around her boot on the other foot.