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19 May

Meg was also his girlfriend, then his wife, then his ex-wife, though for a long time they told everyone that they were a family band, and that she was his sister. (The group split up in 2011.) Their second record, “De Stijl,” made in 2000, was an homage to the nineteen-twenties Dutch modernist movement of the same name, whose members included the painter Piet Mondrian.

White’s manner is restless—a foot or a leg or an implement in his hand is nearly always in motion.

His bright shoes rising and falling against the pavement made him appear to be dancing.

That is because the signature guitar riff from his song “Seven Nation Army,” which the White Stripes recorded in 2003, became an internationally ubiquitous stadium anthem.

It might be the second-best-known guitar phrase in popular music, after the one from “Satisfaction.” It consists of seven deliberate, somewhat ominous, mainly descending notes.

“Anyway, it’s a place I can go and write songs and shake up my environment,” he continued.

White used to be exclusively a rock star—he was half of the White Stripes—but his interests are diverse, and he has lately stopped touring and writing to dispose of them.

As both a stance and a misdirection, they wore only red, white, and black.

White wanted the White Stripes to play the blues, but he didn’t want to be seen as a boy-girl band attempting them.“The first thought when we started was that we were an art project with punk-rock theatre,” White said in the car. We were playing with how much can we mix it all with the blues.” Just as De Stijl was about compressing forms, “the blues were taking music down to three chords, twelve bars, three lines,” White said. You’ll see some of that in this house.”The house was at the end of a cul-de-sac, on a wooded lot.

His company, Third Man Records, which is based in Nashville and Detroit, produces vinyl records and sells them from stores at its offices.

Third Man’s catalogue includes roughly four hundred titles. 8 album over all, but it’s only one project among several.

He has two young children, a boy and a girl, from his second marriage, and he said that his ability to make the rain louder had led them to believe that he controlled the weather.

More people know a fragment of White’s music than know his name.